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Hello, here I am. Born in Italy I had a classic education with two wonderful parents who gave me a taste for travelling. After graduating from the German school in Rome, my life has been rich in incredible adventures. I started to work early and tried a lot of different jobs. Being bilingual with German I have been a professional translator at first. The job I enjoyed most is that for 15 years I had the chance to work as a tour guide. This was a wonderful job that gave me the chance to travel a lot, especially inside my country, which by now I know very well. One of my hobbies is cooking, eating, and wines. During my tours I learned a lot and I am ready to share my secrets.

2012: Graduated in Italian French and Education Magna cum Laude at Suny Albany

I am giving Italian lessons in the New York Albany area.

mail to tommaso64@gmail.com

E-Mail: tommaso64@gmail.com