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How to cook Linguine with Duck


This recipe not only has an incredible taste, but it is a traditional dish of the region Veneto in the north eastern part of Italy. More the recipe is one of the dishes eaten during the feast of Redentore that takes place every year in Venice. The feast is celebrated every third weekend of July. It is a tradition that goes back to the 16th century to celebrate the end of a Black Death epidemic. This is also why the architect Palladio the one that designed the famous Venetian villas was charged to design the church of Redentore, to which every year for the occasion of the feast a bridge of barges is built, making the walk from Saint Mark square to the church possible.

On Saturday night the venetians party on their boats in front of Saint Mark square. During the party there is a big fireworks show. It is tradition to eat bigoli, a special kind of pasta, with duck on the boat with other typical dishes. Unfortunately you will not find the pasta with duck in many Venetian restaurants. You will find excellent one in trattorias on the way to Conegliano one hour car away from Venice, the area where they produce the special sparkling wine prosecco.

In the U.S.A. you can’t find the special pasta called bigoli which is fresh pasta without egg. So i used fresh linguine.




4 oz of duck, 6 oz of fresh pasta, one spoon of butter, a piece of bouillon, a table spoon red wine , a small onion, a half clove garlic, a half bay leaf, salt pepper




Practically you have to make a duck ragout sauce, and this is why you have to cook it very long. Start by melting the butter; add the onion and the garlic plus the bay leaf, than the very thinly cut duck meat and the wine. Correct with salt and pepper to your taste.

Cook for at least one hour at very low heat, covering the pan with a lid.

When the meat gets tender, than it is time to prepare the pasta.

In the traditional recipe you should boil the pasta in the duck broth, but as this is not that easy, i just put some bouillon cube about one third in the water.

When the pasta is ready pass it in the pan. The secret for a good sauce is that it should stay attached to the pasta, so not that liquid, but also not that dry. If you notice that the pasta is getting to dry add more butter.

Serve warm and if you like with parmesan on the side. I like the sweet taste of the duck, which you can enhance by using a red dessert wine for the cooking.


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