In Italy we have a lot of proverbs, many related to food.

Al contadin non far sapere quanto e buono il formaggio con le pere.

Literally translated it means don't let the peasant know how good pears with cheese is. The sense of it? Don't let the simple person know how good simple life can be. Ain't that the truth.

La fame e' il meglio cuoco che ci sia

Hunger is the best cook

E come dare biscotti ai maiali

Literally translated means is like giving cookies to pigs. It means wasting something

Con patate e cipolle dentro l'orto, mai di fame nessuno รจ morto.

With onions and potatoes in the garden, no one hungered to death

Mangiare per vivere, non vivere per mangiare.

Eating for living not living for eating

Chi vuol viver sano e lesto, mangi poco e ceni presto

Who wants to live healthy, has to eat less and have dinner early

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