Pears with Cheese


I like this recipe it is simple and it is always meeting a lot of success. I also like that the way i make it, i could it not find yet on the internet. I am preparing it the same way i learned at home more than twenty years ago from my mother. I do not know where the recipe is from, what i remember is that it was in an old cookbook.

Difficulty level: easy

Time:15 minutes

image pears and cheese



Ingredients for two

Two juicy pears, 4 slices of bread, 4 oz of cheese ( i usually use muenster or Italian fontina)  2 table spoons chopped onions, 3 table spoons ketchup, salt and pepper.


Peel and clean the pears and divide them in halves. Preheat the oven to 350. First, lay the bread than top the slices with the ketchup the chopped onion the cheese in slices and the pears. Adjust with salt and pepper and cook for ten minutes until the cheese melts and the bread gets crunchy.

An original light appetizer also indicated for vegetarians

And as the Italian proverb says

Al contadin non far sapere quanto e buono il formaggio con le pere. Here the translation of the Italian proverb.

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