How to make PEPOSO dell"IMPRUNETA

Many times I have been passing with the tour bus the city of Impruneta going towards famous wineries of Chianti from Florence. We often also made a stop at the world word two American cemetery. Impruneta is famous for pottery and the making of tiles and bricks a centuries old tradition that boomed with the building of the Florentine cathedral and continued with the building of the dome by Brunelleschi arriving to our days.

More than 700 years of producing terracotta, so who knows who and when between the workers had the idea to stew meat on one side of the terracotta oven while working.

The recipe was good and became popular. When in Florence is always convincing to me to go to the trattorias that list peposo. There i know i can have authentic Tuscan food.

The recipe is simple and delicious. I use tomato paste but you can use also tomato sauce.

For me the tomato paste colors this recipe in a special way reminding the colors of terracotta. For the cooking i used the crock pot so in reality it just takes a few minutes to prepare.

Ingredients for two

One pound beef for stew, one table spoon tomato paste, three cloves of garlic, one glass of Cianti wine, salt and two tea spoons black pepper.


I first usually cook the beef for five minutes on the pan, than I cook all the ingredients together for about three hours in the crock pot. As the name says peposo, which means in

Italian peppery, you should put quite a lot of it, but this i leave to your taste

The important think is that the meet gets tender with a long cooking.

In the past cheaper cuts of meat where used as this recipe made them delicious

I like the sauce quite liquid as you can see from the photo so i added some water during the cooking.


Saying Chianti is very easy but there are so many producers that it is confusing making a choice. What i find here in the U.S.A. and like very much is the Castello di Volpaia Chianti Classico a Chianti Cassico produced in one of the highest parts of Chianti Classico area at about 1500 feet



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image peposo

Image of peposo dell'Impruneta typical

Tuscan stew.