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Ricotta Ubriaca Drunken Ricotta


Drunken Ricotta. While dining in Italy it will happen often that the dessert menu sounds very much like an American credit card advertising - Tiramisu, torta della nonna, and so on… It has not always been like that. Sincerely speaking, I ate my first tiramisu when I was already 15. Of course I fell in love with it, but I think today there are too many other classic desserts being neglected.

One special dessert I was eating in Rome has a funny name - ricotta ubriaca, which means drunken ricotta. The last time I ate it was over five years ago in a place close to Trevi Fountain, called Trattoria dei Giornalisti.

To prepare it is very simple.

Ingredients: One pound of sheep’s milk ricotta cheese, two tablespoons instant coffee, 4 tablespoons of white sugar, and sambuca liquor according to your taste.

Directions: Take a fork and mix the ricotta with the sugar and the coffee. Add sambuca according to your taste. Then chill in the fridge for at least two hours before serving. For a final decadent touch, sprinkle with coffee beans and/or shaved bitter chocolate before serving.


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