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Saltinbocca alla Romana

I like the internet actually I love it, but nevertheless sometimes it is generating confusion.I am Roman born and raised in Rome living there for more than 40 years and to find a simple recipe like saltimbocca prepared in the wrong way and claimed to be authentic outrages me.Saltimbocca is a very simple dish and requires very simple ingredients. First Italian recipes call often for olive oil, but there are exceptions. Saltimbocca is one of them. This because the sage pares wonderfully with the butter. Secondly don't make it restaurant style, with broth or and cheese. Of course adding fat is adding taste very often to hide poor ingredients. Don't make rolls like i have seen it even on Italiansites. Do it simply as the romans do. To make it taste better I prepared the meat and made it stay for half an hour out of the fridge. I forgot please don't use the chicken instead of veal.


For two: half a pound veal or 4-6 slices, butter, salt and pepper, sage one big leaf for every slice, one slice of Italian raw ham also known as prosciutto for every meat slice, a spoon of white wine, wooden tooth picks


Half an hour before prepare the meat by attaching the ham and than the sage to every slice of meat using a wooden toothpick. Then melt the butter and start at medium high heat to cook the veal. I reccomend to start with the side that has the sage and the ham. This side I keep for just about two minutes. Turn the slices and sprinkle the wine until finish cooking. Adjust with salt and pepper. The secret of the dish is to cook it for a short time. This will keep the veal tender. Remember not to add to much salt as there might be already a lot in the ham.


Which wine should be used for the cooking and pared to the salti in bocca? Well as a Roman i can only recommend a good Frascati superiore, which is produced close to Rome. Some of the best beside the fruits have wonderful herbal scents included the sage. Generally speaking for cooking i choose white wines with good acidity and herbal aromas. North of united States there are a lot of good values. Remember that wines from colder climates are often more acid, which if not to much makes a white wine very refreshing.

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