I like fish and I think fish should be eaten at least two times a week. Skate fish is very similar to what in Italy we call rombo. So I decided to prepare it the same way.

Ingredients for two: one skate fish fillet, two potatoes, half a cup chopped onions garlic rosemary, extra virgin oil.




Clean and cut the potatoes very thin. I used a vegetable slicer and it was perfect. Oil an oven dish and put a layer of potatoes first. Than add the fish and cover it first with chopped onion rosemary in pieces salt and pepper garlic. Then add one more layer of potatoes add some oil on top and keep in the oven for 25 minutes. Look that the potatoes don't burn.

The dish is very tasty as the potatoes absorb the juices from the fish. The first wine that comes to my mind that would be perfect with is a nice vernaccia of San Gimignano, a delicious biting Italian white wine, already known in medieval times.