How to cook Squid Risotto


There is nothing like food that can evoke sleeping memories. Yesterday I was making risotto with the black ink of squids, and all of sudden i remembered myself as a food passionate kid walking the food markets of Rome in search of not cleaned squids that where still bearing the ink inside. When i was lucky i could prepare the risotto or the pasta the original way. With a difficult chirurgical operation i would remove the ink sacs and than use the ink for the cooking. Today things are very different and here in the States the squids are sold clean and so i have to buy the ink separately.

I like the taste and the unusual color of this recipe, which i really recommend.


Ingredients for two             


5 0z of good Italian rice for risotto, one small onion, one clove garlic, half a glass of dry white wine, half a pound squids with tentacles, one or two bags of squid inkItalian Cooking Image , one teaspoon concentrate tomato paste, one tablespoon olive oil, pepper, chili pepper, salt.

Possible add on: hint of ground cloves or and bay leaf

fresh parsley to decorate at the end, makes also a nice contrast in color


Wash the rice. Fry the onion in the oil at medium low heat for five minutes. Add the squid that you where cutting in little pieces before, with the chopped garlic and cook for about ten minutes.  Pour the wine and cook for other five minutes. Now when adding the rice turn the heat higher and continuing stirring with a wooden spoon you add the ink and the tomato paste diluted in warm water.

The rice will cook in about twenty minutes.

Have fun looking at the others eating at the table getting black teeth and lips!


This time i propose a white wine from Sardinia region in Italy called Vermentino di Gallura produced from the vermentino varietal. This is a wine easy to find and with a good relation quality price. The wine is also protected by the docg wine law. In Italy it will be often suggested at restaurants when you order fish. Fresh and fruity it carries the smell of Mediterranean vegetation. Serve it chilled the best is in the ice bucket and enjoy!








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