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Towards tiramisu I have a love and hate feeling. I love to eat it especially the one that i make home. I don't like it to see at restaurants. Why? Because Italian restaurants lost there incredible regional appeal and seem especially for the desserts often very little differentiated. You have heard the commercial of a famous credit card when they order the dessert? Tiramisu panna cotta torta della nonna and so on. Well that is unfortunately the refrain you here in too many restaurants. This is why i also started the blog months ago with a recipe called ricotta ubriaca. So why so many restaurants offer tiramisu? Well tiramisu has an excellent taste and it is so easy and fast to prepare. It can stay good for different days and you can also freeze eat for preserving it for a longer period. This is why in my opinion restaurants should offer more complex recipes, because other wise what is the sense of eating out, if what you prepare home can even be better.

One more reason I like Tiramisu home is that authentic Italian tiramisu uses raw eggs. You have to know that using raw eggs may infect you with salmonella. Restaurants have to cook their eggs, but this is no longer the good original recipe. About the origins of tiramisu I have to say that i ate my first one when I was 15. Tiramisu became popular in the early eighties in Italy. I think it has its roots in dessert recipes like the English soup.

Whoever had the idea, we have to thank him for being such a genius.

Again prepare it and call it whatever you like, but there is no coffee in the cream, no use of Kailua liquor. This is the original authentic recipe that i hope you will enjoy.

Due to the presence of alcoholic drinks i don't recommend the recipe for children.


3.5 oz lady fingers, two teaspoons marsala wine, two teaspoons rum, a double espresso coffee, 8 oz mascarpone cheese, two eggs, 2 tablespoons sugar, cocoa powder


First thing to do is to separate the egg white from yolk. Than contrary to other recipes i first beat the egg white and make it very thick. Now you can use the same electric beater to mix sugar and yolks and marsala. Than by using a wooden spoon mix the mascarpone cheese with it and finish by adding the egg white.
Prepare a double espresso wait that it gets something colder and than add the rum.
On a serving tray display the lady fingers. Pour the espresso over the lady fingers and than the mixed eggs and mascarpone cream. Sprinkle the top with cocoa powder. Keep in the fridge for two hours to enjoy at best.


Italy is rich in dessert wines. We have really many different kinds made from different varietals. For tiramisu i propose a Sicilian zibibbo. Made from the zibibbo varietal

is a relatively good priced option. Feels worm and moderately sweet at the taste, with scents of honey and geranium flowers.



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