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I like basilichello and it seems that due to the presence of Basil its digestive properties are better than the limoncello. Although i have to say that between the two limoncello remains for me the favorite.


One liter vodka,  a bunch of basil , one lemon,15 spoons sugar, two cups of water, and two dark colored empty bottles


Wash the basil carefully. Than peel the zest of the  of the lemon. Remember to use just the yellow part as the white part gives a bitter taste.  With the help of a fennel put the lemon zest and the basil  with the vodka inside the bottles. Look on the picture on the right to have an idea.

Keep away from light and heat for two weeks .Every day you have to shake the bottle at leats once. The reason of that is that the leafs have tendency to float and if in contact with air for to long they migh rotten.

 After two weeks take two cups of water and with the help of heat dilute the sugar in it. I use a good organic sugar that has a good taste. Now filter the liquor with a strainer or even if you like with a cloth. Add the water and sugar to it. The difficult part now is that if you wait one more week the basilichello will get better. But imagine friends and family being impatient to taste it.

To enjoy the basilichello it has to come out of the freezer. Should the basilichello freeze, it might mean that you added to much water.

 I also put the glasses in the freezer to give a more refreshing feeling. Basilichello is good after dinner. It leaves a nice scent of basil in your mouth








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