Pellegrino Artusi: The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well

This book is for the one that want to start the real Italian cooking a must. Pellegrini Artusi was born as a son of a merchant in the area of Forli, which is in Emilia Romagna where the man they say have three passions. Women cars and food. The region of Pavarotti Ferrari and delicious food. He started as a merchant himself and continued his life in Florence becoming an investment banker, when after his retirement started to write books. The one that made him famous is this cookbook although at the beginning he could not find an editor. So he decided to print it on his own expense. It is also important to link the book with the history of Italy. Nineteenth century sees the unification of Italy and his recipes cover the entire Italian boot, which did not happen before. Although a few recipes might be strange for you, like the fried brain, the majority of them are simple and delicious. Don' t search for tiramisu or other recipes that where probably not existing at his time. I hope You will be not surprised if you don't find chicken carbonara.

The book itself is a great help, giving us a sort of snapshot of daily food of that time, as even if Artusi could be considered a wealthy man, the book is addressed to the many middle class people, differently to what was the tradition before, when cookbooks where written by cooks for cooks.

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