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Hot to make a good bruschetta? Well the secret is first of all in toasting the bread well and to cut the bread two fingers high per slice. Look at the photo for having an idea for the toasting. The problem is that it is a very short time between the toasting and the burning. It is something you should constantly watch. The original version was just garlic that you rubbed on top with salt and olive oil, but you can have different toppings. Many years ago there was a pub in Rome close to the Vatican called pub32, there they where preparing it in a way I like it very much.  Here's their recipe:

Toast the bread and rub it with garlic and parsley, put a slice of tomato with some corn kernels on top. Finish with oil, pepper and salt. It was always good and we ate a lot because it was the cheapest item on the menu. Look at the pictures to get a better idea.










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italian bruschetta