How to make Tuscan chicken livers home

This is a recipe you will find in every Tuscan restaurant, but also for this recipe there are a lot of variations. I mainly stay with the recipe of Artusi with the difference that i use olive oil. Being my mother from Tuscany i was eating this recipe since my early days. Very often in Tuscany they fry the bred for the canapes, but i prefer it toasted or just simple very fresh bred.

Ingredients for 4

chicken livers one pound, one small onion, 3 cloves of garlic, one table spoon oil, bouillon or about one cup broth, one teaspoon anchovy paste, one glass dry white wine or dessert wine usually vin santo, fresh parsley two teaspoons lemon juice, salt pepper.

Possible add-ons: one teaspoon tomato paste and or capers.

image chicken liver


Fry the chopped onion and garlic for about five minutes in the oil. With a knife cut the livers in very small pieces. Add the livers in the pot and start cooking. Whenever the mixture gets to dry add broth ore bouillon in hot water. After fifteen minutes add the wine and if you like the tomato paste which gives more taste and color. Adjust with salt and pepper.

Continue cooking for five minutes and only at the end add chopped parsley the capers if you want and sprinkle the lemon juice.

Serve on fresh bread or on toasted bred. Trying the in olive oil fried bread with the livers is worth it, but it makes the recipe much heavier.

In some places they use vin Santo instead of the dry white wine. The result is that the recipe will have a sweeter taste.

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