How to make coffee liquor at home



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The whole proceeding takes some time, but then you will be satisfied with the results. The liquor is strong and has to be served very cold directly from the freezer. If you want to you can mix it with heavy cream, serve it on ice cream and also use to prepare recipes like Tiramisu or the Mocha Sponge.


One liter vodka, 9 oz grinded coffee, 18 spoons sugar, two cups of water, and two dark colored empty bottles


 With the help of a fennel put the coffee with the vodka inside the bottles.

Keep away from light and heat for two weeks. After two weeks take two cups of water and with the help of heat dilute the sugar in it. I use a good organic sugar that has a good taste. Now filter the liquor  with a cloth. Unlike for other liquors the coffee powder is really unpleasant in your glass Add the water and sugar to it. The difficult part now is that if you wait one more week the coffee liquor will get better. But imagine friends and family being impatient to taste it.

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image coffe liquor

Image Coffee Liquor