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There are a lot of places I love in the world and of course a lot of this places are places where you can enjoy good food at local restaurants. I really have to say that i have found wonderful places all over the world, but of course what I know best until now is Italy. I always suggest to visit the country and its main attractions first, but there are also so many hidden wonderful spots that are worth a comeback. Here I reveal one of my secret places that is called Dolceacqua about ten miles away from Ventimiglia to the inland and also close to France. It is a wonderful medieval village, inhabited only by 2000 people. Dominating the village the ruin of the castle Doria where Napoleon was enthusiast about the local wine called rossese di Dolceacqua. Over the river Nervia goes the fifteenth century stone bridge. It is a wonderful place, that gives the possibility to try local specialties in small family restaurants in the village or along the road.


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