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Italian public food markets.



catania marketcatania fish market




Whenever You have a chance to visit Italy, and you love food, you should not miss one of the many food markets that are all over the country. Usually  they just work from the morning until lunch time.

I will list the most characteristic ones.

The fish market of Catania starts from the central square with the cathedral. You can see lots of different kinds of fishes. Very impressing the sword and tuna fishes.

Another favorite and easy to find is the food market San Lorenzo  in Florence close to the church of San Lorenzo.  Although now crowded often with tourists, stands with local specialties are memorable. There is more than one that has fresh game like hare or wild boar. This is the place to buy also the local sausage called finocchiona. Inside the market there are also different  food stands. The best for me is da Nerbone. Beside the many Tuscan dishes to try what is excellent is the sandwich with boiled beef inside. The place works like a self service and has a few tables where if you

are lucky you can seat as it is very frequented. For a less touristic tour try in the same city the market of 

 Sant’Ambrogio. Also there excellent food served at stands.

The structure covering the market was designed by Mengoni the same architect of the galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.

The last i mention is the fish market in Venice located close to the rialto bridge.

Depending on the season you can find the moeche a soft shell crab that is typical of the lagoon and  expensive.

Remember to take your camera!