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Salsa verde or Italian green sauce is one of my favorite sauces. Excellent on boiled eggs chicken boiled meat tongue if you like but also on fish. I like it for example on cold trout.

I really was grown with salsa verde, it is easy to prepare and so tasty. Whenever I prepare Italian classical dishes I use the recipes of Pellegrino Artusi a cookbook of the late nineteenth century. Left in Rome Italy I have a lot of cookbooks, but the one I am very jealous of is the more than thirty years old copy in very bad conditions, that we where always using in my family. If you want really to cook Italian follow for this basic recipes the tradition. Don't be mislead by the many non traditional recipes on the internet.




Ingredients: Parsley, some basil leaves, onion, garlic, one anchovy (you can use also anchovy paste) olive oil and lemon juice.


To prepare green sauce, squeeze the brine out of some capers, chop them together with an anchovy, a little onion, and very little garlic. mash the mixture with a knife blade to make it into a fine paste which you will paste in a gravy dish. Add a fair amount of parsley chopped with a few basil leaves. Blend everything with fine olive oil and lemon juice.



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