Italian Risotto Turkish style



This is a recipe I love as it is really enhancing the wonderful flavor of dried porcini mushrooms. I found it more than twenty years ago in a cookbook that I left somewhere in Italy.  Being it so good I kept cooking this recipe for all this years, and so memorized it. The only thing I am not clear about is the origin of the name.  What I know is that it is a rare recipe as i could not find it in the internet. Instead believe me it has an extraordinary rich taste.

About dried porcini mushrooms they last very long. So usually I buy a big pack.
that i use during the year. They are good for a lot of traditional Italian dishes. The dish also plays with the contrast between the sweetness of the raisins and the chili spice. Keep some extra raisins at hand. in case you feel it you made the risotto to spicy, add the extra raisins to the risotto


 Ingredients for two:

5 oz of rice or approximately one cup and a half the kind which is good for Italian risotto. Two table spoons of butter, one small onion one clove of garlic,  ounce dried porcini mushrooms , one cup raisins, two cups meat broth ( you can also use chicken broth or in worst case bouillon), one teaspoon tomato paste, chili pepper black pepper.




One hour before starting cooking cover the raisins and the mushrooms in two separated cups with water. I always suggest to do the same with rice. Washed rice cooks always better.


Then fry the onion and the garlic in half the butter and add the mushrooms with the water the chili pepper and the pepper.  After ten minutes add the rice and start stirring with a wooden spoon. Slowly during the cooking always add the warm broth in which you diluted the tomato paste.

After ten minutes add the raisins without water and continue cooking.

When finished add the remaining butter and decorate with leaves of parsley on top if you like