This recipe makes a delicious risotto with strawberries. I have seen on the web that there are a lot of different strawberry risotto recipes. The secret for me is to keep it very simple and not to use any cheese or cream. Why? The taste of the strawberries is very delicate and cheese or cream shade it. I have seen that in Italian American  cuisine there is a large use of cheese and it is put almost everywhere. Not in Italy and this reminds me the funny face of waiters in Italy when they see Americans put cheese on spaghetti with clams. There are so many dishes where cheese is considered a no no.   Mainly for everything that is considered having a delicate taste cheese is not used. I have tried both recipes with cream and cheese and without and the fragrance of the strawberries is more intact with the second one. For the rice you should use the short round Italian varietals like  riso Arborio, riso superfino Carnaroli and riso Vialone Nano, just to mention some.