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How to make lobster linguine


I think that almost everyone loves lobster. This recipe allows you to enhance the taste by using just half a lobster. So you can make an excellent lobster dish by spending about ten dollars. I bough the half lobster for 8 dollars and although not big it gave a lot of taste to the dish. I used a recipe that I also use for crab meat. Here in the U.S.A.   lobster and crab meat are excellent, and not that expensive as Europe. What instead I canít find here in New York State the same as home are clams.

About the legend of lobster being aphrodisiac, well it is just a legend. Until now the only food that has proven to be stimulating is truffles containing scents similar to the human pheromones. About truffles and the meals of Casanova i am going to write some day. Today it is just about a small half succulent lobster transformed in a meal for two.

To the boiling water for the linguine I added saffron. It gives taste and adds color to the pasta.

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6 once of fresh linguini, one half lobster, four plum tomatoes, one table spoon olive oil, one clove garlic, one  table spoon heavy cream, chili pepper, pepper, one tea spoon vodka, one teaspoon pecorino cheese, one teaspoon of saffron, salt, some parsley




Prepare a tomato sauce. Clean the lobster and take out the meat.

Add the lobster and the cream and cook for ten minutes. Boil the pasta in the water in which you added the saffron and salt.

After two minutes take the linguini away pass them at medium heat in the pan with the sauce, than before serving sprinkle with the vodka and the pecorino. Finally decorate with parsley leafs.


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Image Italian Linguine with Lobster




lobster linguine

Image Lobster

lobster linguine

Image Lobster Linguine