Marinara or Tomato Sauce?


I think that there is a lot of confusion between the two. In Italy a marinara sauce is a sauce with anchovies. Here in the States there are no anchovies and the recipe is calling often for canned tomatoes. Nothing against canned tomatoes, but when i can i rather prefer the fresh ones, what are called here plum or roma tomatoes.

 Well do you want to cook something great for your pasta pizza and other dishes, here the recipe with a lot of suggestions to modify it.



a spoon extra virgin oil, two cloves of garlic, two leafs of basil, 8 plum tomatoes, salt and pepper



The very first thing to do is to take away the skin from the tomatoes. You do this by putting the tomatoes into almost boiling water. Then cool the tomatoes with cold water and peel them. There are for me two ways to add the garlic. Or you fry it in the oil just before adding the tomatoes. In this case you will give the sauce more a nutty flavor, or like in the movie goodfellas you slice it very thin while the sauce is cooking. Add the fresh basil since the beginning and cook for hours at low heat. The more you cook it the smother the sauce. be careful that the sauce is not getting to dry. You can avoid this by using a lid.