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Cotoletta milanese is something i have been eating always since my very young days. Everyone loves it especially with a side dish of crunchy French fries. But what i was eating the other day is not really the authentic recipe.

 The authentic recipe is with a thick piece of veal with bone taken from the ribs. This explains the name derived from costola rib. Also the original recipe is with a lot of butter, which at the end after the cooking you should pour over the meat. My version in Milan is nicknamed elephant ears from the shape, and it is much lighter as i also use the olive oil for frying. It resembles the Wiener schnitzel you can eat atFiglmüller restaurant. In the center of Vienna behind the cathedral there is the place to taste the perfect Wiener schnitzel, which is the Austrian version of cotoletta. You can’t say you have been to Vienna if you have not eaten there. So for both sides the Austrian and the Italian the debate is more than hundred years old, about who invented the recipe first.

The historical link is that Milan has been since the 18th century part of the Austrian empire, which also led to the rebellion of the Milanese people called cinque giornate di Milano in 1848. The Austrians created many of the important Milanese institutions, which still exist today, being la Scala Opera Theater the most famous one.

So far the history, but we do not know really, on which side cotoletta was eaten first, which is popular all over Europe today. If inGermany try also the Schnitzel prepared with pork meat, a very delicious dish.




For each person a thin slice of veal one egg bread crumbs flour olive oil





Pass the veal in the flour first, and than in the egg, to finish with the bread crumbs.  I like to skip the flour passage or just do it the first time. Than i usually keep the meet for at least five minutes in the scrambled egg. After that there is the passage in the bread crumbs. To have a thick juicy crust i always repeat the procedure, but never pass the meat in the flour again. Fry on both sides and serve always warm with lemon slices.



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