This Tuscan classic can  be prepared in different ways, as the recipe varies a lot from place to place. My recipe is the simplest one, using also chickpeas from a can. So i have to say this is not the best recipe of all, but very easy rapid and tasty at the end.

Ingredients for two


One can 15 oz chickpeas 5 oz short pasta like ditalini, two table spoons of oil, two teaspoons of tomato paste, one teaspoon mixed crushed rosemary and sage, chili pepper and pepper


Deep fry the garlic in the oil as shown in the photo, by leaning the pan. Open the can of chickpeas and wash them. This I do to take any taste of can away. Add a half cup of water with the tomato paste  add the herbs and then cook the chickpeas at low heat for twenty minutes.


To finish add the pasta and cook the recommended time reported on the box. Serve with pecorino cheese or and parmesan on the side.

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Image Pasta recipe

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