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This is a recipe that has been very popular in Italy, especially when Italians where not as wealthy as today. Unfortunately it is not very proposed at restaurants, but if you try it you will notice its pleasant taste. More than this it is a light dish and easy to digest, making it

a very popular home prepared dish during the worm roman summer. A lot of apartments donít have air conditioning and so we have our dinners on the balconies during the summer, to enjoy the cool afternoon breeze. So when i was living in Rome this was the way I was enjoying my tomatoes stuffed with rice. Of course accompanied with a nice glass of cold white wine.  After dinner we than usually enjoy a glass of limoncello. I have seen that the recipe of the tomatoes has been proposed by Giada De Laurentis but without potatoes. Well the true romans cook the tomatoes with the potatoes. The potatoes absorb the juices from the tomatoes, getting a wonderful taste. And again please no cheese. This recipe has been born without cheese. Of course you can prepare it as you like but the authentic has no cheese at all.



for each tomato one spoon of Italian short grain rice like arborio, one spoon of oil, one medium potato, garlic, salt, pepper, dry basil.

Add-ons: there is also a more spiced version that i like with anchovy paste and capers.



Half an hour before the cooking wash the rice and keep it in water. Cut the top of the tomato and hollow it. Take the rice out of the water mix it with the chopped inside  

of the tomato, the garlic, salt and pepper and basil with some oil. Put the stuffed tomatoes

in an oven dish surrounded by potatoes. Cook for around 45 minutes one hour at 400 degrees. Check for the rice and the potatoes to be entirely cooked.



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