Green peppercorn Sauce Salmon

How to make Green Peppercorn Salmon

This recipe is not only about salmon but about a sauce you can use on a lot of different dishes, like steak hamburgers chicken breast and so on.

The green pepper sauce became very popular during the 80s, when the food trend of the moment covered our dishes with a lot of cream. This period saw the boom of dishes like penne alla vodka. You still find the meat filet with green pepper sauce in a lot of restaurants. Now checking the internet today i found out that is not prepared the way that for me makes the sauce tasty. The secret for a lot of taste is a little bit of anchovy paste. Adjust the quantity to your taste, i put about one teaspoon. To highlight your recipe you can replace the anchovy paste with garum at the end of cooking.

More taste and for the coloring you get with a table spoon of tomato paste, which really becomes important if you decide to prepare the sauce using pink pepper corns.

About pepper:

Originally from India, pepper was travelling already in the ancient times. Going back to the 13th century before Christ peppercorns have been found in the mummy of Ramses the second. Ancient Greeks knew the pepper, but it is with the Roman Empire that pepper becomes a much loved spice. In Apicius' De re coquinaria the very famous ancient Roman cookbook pepper is present in mostly all recipes. As documented by writers of different periods like Strabo or Plinius the elder, the ancient Romans imported the pepper directly from India by ship. Since then pepper due to the many wars pepper disappeared and reappeared many times on European tables, until with modern times it became a steady presence. For the lovers of spicy food the discovery of America came to help, as chili peppers originate from there.

Ingredients for two

Two slices of salmon, one table spoon of butter, and one table spoon of flour

For the sauce:

One table spoon of butter, half pint heavy cream, four teaspoons green pepper corns, one teaspoon anchovy paste, one teaspoon mustard, one teaspoon tomato paste, one teaspoon of minced garlic, two teaspoons whisky, vodka or cognac

Possible add-on: a teaspoon of grinded capers.


Prepare the sauce by letting all the ingredients beside the whisky simmer for at least twenty minutes. Then at the end add the whisky.


Pass the salmon slices in the wheat and cook them in butter on both sides. When ready pour the sauce on top.

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