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How to make wine Risotto

I like to make risotto with wine. Depending  on the wine it will get an incredible purple color as you can see from the pictures. I have to say that the best would be with amarone, a full bodied wine produced close to Verona. The drying of the grapes before the pressing and so more concentration of sugar, make it that this wine can have a very high content in alcohol for a wine, but also more taste.  In the same area with the same varietals there is a dessert wine called recioto, which to simplify is an amarone for which the fermentation was not finished and so sweeter. Also this wine  is very good for the risotto and  makes a typical  risotto recipe from that area, which you can find at local restaurants.

Well also a a nice barolo would be good for this recipe. Barolo the king of reds of Piedmont. If produced the traditional way it has the precious smell of goudron, considered a major quality. The French word goudron means tar. Although it might seem strange is something very appreciated by wine lovers.

Unfortunately  there is only one problem about these wines, the price.

Being special rare and good they can cost a lot of money. For the recioto also it is really very difficult to find it in the U.S.A. .

As an Italian i say pazienza (patience) and reply to less expensive wines. What is important, the wine must have at least a good body, or else you donít get much taste.

What could you use?

  From California red Frontier wine, a blend of different varietals

From Spain Yecla castano  monastrell varietal

Both are about 10 dollars and excellent for that price.

To enhance the colors use a red onion!


 6 oz of rice, one small red onion, one cup of broth (you can also use bouillon), one spoon of butter, two glasses of wine, one tablespoon parmesan


Fry the onions in the butter add the rice pour a little bit of wine and continue cooking and stirring alternating the adding of wine with the broth. When ready add parmesan but not to much, because it takes the taste away.


to pare with

Just use the wine you where cooking with. A perfect companion







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