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Zabaione Cream

Original Zabaione recipe - Delicious Italian cream.

Ingredients: 3 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 3/5 cup of dry marsala.

I have to say I tried it with other dessert wines like vin santo or zibibbo but for me with marsala is the best.

I really love zabaione. It reminds me my childhood and it is easy to prepare. It is the base for a lot of desserts. For example, try it on strawberries or mixed with whipped cream. Zabaione was served in the old traditional Italian trattorias. It was one of the many dolci al cucchiaio, served in a little coffee cup.

I prepare it with the old method, using a wooden spoon to beat the yolks. Then I add the sugar and mix until I get a lighter color. Then I add the marsala and cook at medium heat, stirring continuously. You will notice that towards boiling the cream becomes dense and fluffy. This is a delicate moment, because you have to avoid that it curdles. So take the zabaione away from the heat and wait to be cold.

From this basic dessert sauce you can prepare a lot of different delicacies. Ground cinnamon, orange zest, and rum are some of the ingredients you can experiment with.

Look at the photo - this is the easy way I served it. I came across the chocolate shot glasses when my wife dragged me to Big Lots.


Zabaione zabaglione cream


This is the original zabaione recipe as i learned in Italy

zabaione chocolate cups

Image chocolate cups

zabaione italian cream

Image Zabaione

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